Hi! I'm just a small-town girl from a little place in New Jersey that flew across the United States to learn about Art and Technology in the best place for both -- San Diego, California.

A Brief Summary

I've always been some sort of mesh between art and technology. I'd create digital art and animation in my free time. My older brother introduced me to programming when I was a teenager.

I started at my community college, Palomar, to gain hands-on experience in the Arts. I worked as a work-study in their fantastic art-studio where I was exposed to woodworking, glassblowing, ceramics, and metalforming. It was a great experience for me to meet professional artists and others trying to make a living off of their craft.

I initially applied to UCSD for the Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts major. It seemed like the best way to combine my interests, but I switched to Cognitive Science when I heard about their Design Specialization.


I had never been exposed to research before taking classes here. But being at UCSD in Cognitive Science, I am exposed to research and research methods everyday, neurobiology and data science as well. I found myself impassioned by how we can use methodological approaches to answer the questions I've always asked myself about the world. I've always thought things, but here are ways to prove things and know with confidence. Sometimes I am stunned by the amount of popular youtube videos and website articles on the things I have studied, read research papers on, that are just wrong. It's incredible. I have been wrong about so many things that I thought throughout my life, and it feels liberating to be educated.